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“- Why do you say that I know of Love – asked the sun.


- Because love does not stand as the desert, or travel the world like the wind, or see it all away, like you. Love is the force that transforms and improves the Soul of the World.When I entered it for the first time, I found it perfect. But then I saw it was a reflection of all creatures, and had their wars and their passions. We who feed the Soul of the World, and the land we live better or worse as we are better or worse. That’s where the power of love comes in, because when we love, we always want to be better than we are. “
City of heavenly fire


The reason for my absence this month, and already moved that the following more and worse is the final exams. Ten final exams in a month, nothing less. To concentrate and help myself to read, update the blog or endless much more entertaining things to start with what will be a hellish time of year I’m going to study my father’s office. I always hated libraries when studying, silence-or rather those little noises they become so annoying in that sepulchral stillness choking me. I’m reading aloud and taking walks endlessly moving the ass. So, I was wondering the subject of Procedural Law seventeen when my eye was fixed on a book to the top of the shelf. Then I recognized the famous novel by Paulo Coelho. I had long wanted provar the author so interrupted my conversation with my alter ego  on system resources and substraje dusty book like a relic. Today I bring alchemist book pdf, Paulo Coelho .
Before starting the book, I very cautious, I visited social networks looking frequent reading reviews and found them most distant. Some people rate this self-help book and boring and many other who sees in him a must with a moral that will change us all. My position, avoiding the extremes not so far from the second position as the first one.
We know Santiago , an Andalusian shepherd boy and a herd of goats, which stops at a village called Tarifa. The last night was repeated her a dream in which a child led him to the pyramids of Egypt I guided to a treasure that awaits you there. Convinced by a gypsy fortune teller e-interpreting of dreams, and Melchizedek , an enigmatic king, our protagonist decides to sell the herd of goats and say goodbye to his routine, happy and secure life to embark on an odyssey to the pyramids of Egypt and his hidden treasure.
This story is impossible not surprised. As a tale narrated in the third person and everything that concerns the young Santiago learns along this adventure. All characters that crosses bring something and many, before disappearing from your life forever, you have a gifted story wise moral before leaving. Through its short chapters the author develops a philosophy of life which every person at birth has a dream that is at once his mission in life, his Personal Legend . Most people give up their Personal Legend applying common sense in the stage of maturity or ties. To some people prefer to keep dreaming before making this dream a reality to avoid disappointment or simply an inner emptiness. But there are those who decide to follow at all costs and do not live happily ever get.
If you decide to read The Alchemist PDF  must be aware that not madness to a conventional novel because if so the dialogue will seem scarcely rational ( How a boy can hold dialogues such philosophical level? Why everything unfolds as spontaneously ? why?) . Paulo Coelho tells a story whose purpose is to make us think, not entertain us with a fictional story.
The pace is typical of a story, it focuses on issues of interest to the author eluding descriptions, details and minutiae that can distract the reader. The secondary characters could be divided into two: the divine and enigmatic (Melchizedek and Alchemist) and human, they bring wisdom and life to our protagonist (the Mercader, Fatima, etc.). Santiago is we always appears as a boy who is always willing to learn.
If you liked what you read in this review the book certainly will not be disappointed. To me I liked it a lot and although many netizens say it is not the best of Coelho, I will not hesitate to recommend it to all who ask me for advice when choosing a book of philosophy. I would also highlight the end, it is these that leave the reader happy.
Coelho wrote alchemist pdf in two weeks in 1987. He explained that he could write at this rate because the story was already written in his soul. It was first published by a Brazilian publishing books dedicated to black magic and occult arts. Although it had significant sales, the book’s editor told Coelho was never going to sell well and could make more money in the bag. “To recover from this disappointment, Coelho left Rio de Janeiro with his wife and spent forty days in the Mojave Desert. Upon his return, he decided to continue fighting. I was so convinced it was a great book that started knocking on doors. According to The New York Times , The Alchemist was translated into 67 different languages. This made ​​Coelho Live Writer whose works have been translated, according to the Guinness Book of Records 2009. (Source: Wikipedia)
I can not finish the review without highlighting one thing that distressed me. At the end the book I jumped alarms sounded suspiciously me finish. It seems that this book with too much to the story of the buried treasure, the book … Let me tell you , Jorge Bucay. I have reviewed the year of publication of the two: the Paulho was published in 1988 and in 1999 Bucay so that the latter has clearly copied the end of the alchemist pdf free download  for one of his most famous books. That said, each judge for yourself.
In conclusion , in The Alchemist pdf  you will find a story whose 170 pages (sixth edition Planeta) are loaded with reflections applicable to our lives. With eyes on the ultimate treasure with Santiago learn a life philosophy that advocates pursue our dreams and not believe in written and immutable destinations. Once you read you will not get the story of the head anymore.