Brief comments to “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho

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“If I could, I would write a huge
encyclopedia of the word “luck” and “coincidence”.
With these words the Universal Language is written.
Every man on the face of the earth has
a treasure that is waiting “

“The Alchemist” Paulo Coelho

City of heavenly fire

It is said that the oracles are not available. And if by chance one of them chased us, we must flee, running without looking back and doing as the Argonauts, cover our ears and even the slightest murmur reaches us.That’s what they say sensible. People who have their feet on the ground do not cater to the wind on the rocks, or the sound of waves that curl over the edge. Do not listen to the music of the universe in motion and of course ignore messages that do not come from authorized sources.However, I have friends innocent foolish, gullible poor who spend years watching an athanor or searching the language of the stars. I also know painters single table for years, changing with the seasons colors, sunsets and the density of the atmosphere. The smell of the earth or the perfume of flowers is impregnated brushes and invades the sunny room. And a writer. I’ve met a writer of one book. Is circular, without past or future book. Only post title seems a waste of humility and simplicity, “The Alchemist”. You go through the window of the library, you look briefly at the cover: a green landscape with moon, sun, shepherd and sheep; to fund the pyramids of Egypt. It is a story for children and think-you keep looking the other volumes. There are libraries that own section of children’s literature, others in the esoteric. If it were my library would have put in a special place, at the bottom, next to the back room, mixing between geometry and astronomy books, away from inanimate books.There in its pages a balanced flow of life, a structure that transcends literary analysis. Most important of “The Alchemist” is not the narrative system clean and care, the location of the righteous and witty dialogues or types of phrases used Paulo Coelho, is not even important sociological analysis or emotional context. The most important of the book is that someone has found a way to launch a cable to the tumultuous waters of this century. Someone, the storm has thrown a lifeline to the shipwrecks that are discussed in the waves of superficiality. The short but huge story of Santiago, the shepherd who dreamed of a treasure buried in the Pyramids of Egypt, is not a epic feat. It is not a fast-paced adventure story. It is not a novel. Nor is it a daily