Paulo Coelho: “We feel guilt for success and not have it”

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The renowned writer Paulo Coelho The Valkyries just released a new book by Editorial Sudamericana. He confesses that it has been difficult to write because it reveals events and feelings. Among other things, reviewing two fundamental concepts in his life and all of us: success and failure. We discussed with him:
How do we live the success and failure?
We tend to culpabilizarnos lot when we succeed and also put the blame us when we do not succeed. The faults are always present and when we live a very positive experience, saying: “I do not think I deserve it.” Personally, I had the experience of spending 40 days in the desert and I could live that break the cycle of success-blame, guilt -Success. It was very important to me.
And society learned to break that cycle?
I do not think I have learned. Many people associate suffering with a blessing and the curse pleasure. Associate “yes” as a blessing and “no” as a negative thing. The truth is that in this society we have to say “yes,” but we must also say “no”. Then we can live with pleasure and joy.
What role does religion in those feelings?
We have a tendency to sacrifice, to repeat the three days of Christ’s life without passion. We forget that spent the rest of his life eating, drinking, walking, traveling and meeting people. So, is so strong the weight of the cross that we forget the joy of wine and bread.
Why always we destroy what we love?
We destroy what we love because. I think we all ask ourselves: “I deserve?”. And always answer “no, do not deserve it”. We are educated to be blamed for everything and we must desert that.
How can we accept forgiveness?
We must understand that but err err is human. No need to feel guilty for missing, only people who have the courage to do something different wrong. It must be said, “and, well, I was wrong but my heart was pure.” First you forgive yourself and then you ask forgiveness of others.
What is the battle that everyone must wage within?
I think the big battle is with ourselves. It is the hardest and most difficult battle, because we always say that the enemy is the other, never us. And, well, to win you have to win the battle with yourself.
How can we achieve balance in such a complex world today?
I did not seek balance. All around us are winter, summer, there’s cold and heat. The world is not balanced and I’m not interested in balance. I am interested to live walking, is what makes life interesting.

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Paulo Coelho is an influential writer, author of “The Alchemist” and “The Pilgrim” among other international bestsellers.