Some thoughts on The Alchemist

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City of heavenly fire
Tarifa is present in many works of fiction. Sure its geographical position has had something to do, but also its magic and beauty has inspired writers and writers from around the world to write on or with it, helping to shape views of Tarifa from many perspectives.
The books, cinema and culture in general are also large magnets to attract tourists. Who has not been interested in visiting Venice after seeing films like La Niña de la Perla, or New York after watching Sex and the City. For Tarifa for example a couple of years we visited the president’s daughter worst score in US history, attracted by the book that will try ago. She of course was not the only or the last as the success of this book was and is enormous: from its first Brazilian edition, in 1988, has been translated into more than 63 languages ​​and published in 150 countries. In total, over 80 million copies sold worldwide of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
Normally a bestseller is a book of poor quality in its content but for marketing reasons astronomical sales achieved over a short period of time. The Alchemist by contrast, is one of those best sellers with quality content, appearing very occasionally, it really deserves to be read and year after year remains on all the shelves of all libraries. It is, along with books like The Little Prince or movies as Wonderful Life, among the works of popular culture that have left their mark on our emotional DNA.
This beautiful story for all ages about the life and adventures of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd of about sixteen years.His father wanted him to study in Santiago was a seminar, but he chose to be a shepherd to see other lands and cultures.
The beginning of The Alchemist is so wise and hypnotic as the words of a grandfather telling a story to his grandson: “When a person really wants something, the whole universe conspires so that you can realize your dream Just learn to listen to the dictates of. heart and decipher a language that is beyond words, showing what the eyes can not see. “
The plot of this book, Tarifa is a pivot point that makes Santiago decides to change the direction of travel, and therefore your life. In Tarifa he encounters a series of characters that are key to the future of Santiago. Characters, of course, tale. An older woman who knows how to interpret dreams and a man who calls himself King of Salam. The Alchemist is a beautifully told metaphor, it is a book that invites the reader to fight against conformity. The Andalusian shepherd Santiago arrives in Tarifa and suddenly changes the course of his journey, leaving his plans and his goats and goes to Egypt in search of something very precious. Coelho, with trickster skill, makes the reader believe that he or she is the Andalusian shepherd Santiago they have to loose his chains and go find your own dream. I encourage you to read or reread to carry forth your own conclusions and see him pass rate from another perspective.